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Art by Amanda Ladymon

Looking for something unique and handmade? Ladybug Art Studios has a wide selection of hand-made items for sale or custom order including: Handmade Books/Journals, Cigar Box Photo Light-Boxes (using your own photos), custom drawing/paintings, and many other crafts and fine art items. Visit to get an idea of my artistic style, which is a diverse and eclectic mix.

Maternity Casting
Ladybug Art Studios

The magical experience of pregnancy is such a brief but amazing journey - why not capture it permanently with a plaster casting?! Belly castings can capture each trimester, or just the last few weeks before the due date - it's up to you. Castings can be decorated, painted, or embellished with several different design options to choose from. Life Casts start at $75 and up depending on client's design specifications.

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Ladybug Art Studios
Ladybug Art Studios

This creative center is in our home, a 120-year old Historic Victorian House located just 5 minutes from the Downtown/Vista area. This spacious, beautiful house provides students with the inspiration they need to spread their artistic wings!

Amanda Ladymon has been an art educator for ten years, working with children and adults. She is an artist, writer, organizer of educational programming, and a full time mom. Amanda is the owner of Ladybug Art Studios, a home-based creative center for art and education working with local non-profits and the community.

Amanda is an Adjunct Professor for Benedict College Art Department, currently teaching Sculpture. Amanda is a freelance writer for the Free-Times and the mother of two beautiful girls, Lily and Mia. Amanda is also owner of Ladybug Art Studios, a home-based creative center for art and education, working with local non-profits and the community.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Amanda moved to Columbia in 2006 to attend graduate school at USC. She recieved her MFA in studio arts from USC in 2009 and has been an adjunct professor at several local colleges since graduating. She shows her work frequently and regularly both in South Carolina and around the Southeast. She was selected as an award-winning artist in the Dogwood Arts Festival’s Juried Arts Exhibition in Knoxville, TN in 2010 and 2011. She was also included in the Contemporaries’ 2010, 2011, and 2012 Artist of the Year Exhibition at the Columbia Museum of Art.

Amanda does voluntary art workshops at a local children's shelter each month, along with free-lance PR/Marketing/Event Coordinating for local arts non-profits and arts businesses. Contact Amanda at
Ladybug Art Studios

Amanda’s most recent work deals with family imagery, local history, and the concept of motherhood. Being a new mother has had the greatest impact on her artistic approach, opening up her visual dialogue into new areas of exploration into imagery, color, and materials. Being a full-time mom, artist, and part-time teacher has become a new, exciting adventure that she will continue to address in her work.

Amanda Ladymon’s earlier works involve creating a circular dialogue, with one part affecting another, creating an endless flow of biomorphic, organic forms and evolving experimentation with materials. Research on the interior workings of the human body and of plants and ocean life on the macro and microscopic level creates the initial cognitive drive for the work. Balancing a tension through visual relationships of form and color, her mixed media pieces are the product of a natural, self - organizing principle that operates intuitively. There is an endless interplay between the structured and the amorphous or between evolution and entropy.